Peter Sellers FAQ

How many children did Peter Sellers have?

Peter Sellers had three children, one boy and two girls.  His son and oldest child, Michael Sellers, is probably the most well-known because his death in 2006 made headlines.  Eerily, he died in a fashion similar to his father.

Was Peter Sellers’ father famous?

Little more than what we learned from Peter Sellers’ interviews is known about William Sellers.  He was a concert pianist and small time performer, which helped give Sellers is musical and performing background, but he had not reached any significant national or international recognition.

How many movies did Peter Sellers make?

Peter Sellers made more than 50 films, many of them reaching international success.

Which movie was Peter Sellers’ most famous?

It would be hard to choose a “best” Peter Sellers film.  Ranking them into a top 10 or 20 list would be much easier; however, The Pink Panther and Doctor Strangelove are sure to be among his most popular movies.

How many of Peter Sellers’ children are still alive?

Seller’ son Michael is the only deceased descendent of the famous actor.  His daughters, Victoria is 51-years-old and Sarah, 58-years-old, are both very much alive and well.

What happened to the Goons?

Michael Bentine’s went on to play role in 1960s award-winning television and he worked in television until 1980.  He moved to California with his wife where he eventually died in 1996.  Harry Secombe worked in theater and television, for a few years, before died of a stroke in 1997.  Spike Milligin continued writing for television and even worked on set with Peter Sellers.  He was taken by kidney failure in 2002, making him the longest surviving member of the group.

Did any of Peter Sellers’ children become actors?

Michael Sellers took on a handful of small roles that never earned him the fame and fortune of his father.  Instead, he turned to writing, publishing two books before his death, and “Sellers on Sellers” was released in 2000.

How old was Peter Sellers when he started in the movie business?

Penny Points to Paradise was the Goons’ movie debut as well as Peter Sellers’.  He was around 25-years-old at the time.  He had already been working in film, doing voice overs, for nearly a year.

Did Peter Sellers act in any movies that weren’t comedies?

Peter Sellers’ humor was prevalent much of the time; however, he did a number of films that downplayed his comedic side.  Dr. Strangelove, one of his most well-known, is a war movie whose script allowed him to push beyond the limits of his typical characters.

Did Peter Sellers always want to be an actor?

Peter Sellers’ was exposed to theater at age sixteen.  Although music helped to jumpstart his career, he admits to always wanting to become an actor.

Was Peter Sellers close to his father?

Michael Sellers explained how the actor was affected by the death of his father.  Also Peter told stories interviews that indicate his fondness and respect for his father.