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  • 5 Women Who Loved Peter Sellers

    Like many famous actors, Peter Sellers was known not only by the movies roles he played, but also by the beautiful women he dated.  When you’re as famous as Seller’s had become, you’re going to accumulate a following among the opposite sex.  In this case we mean women.  Based on information found in letters and statements made open to the public, he was open about many of his feelings.  And we know he was a man perpetually moved to action, which had a great deal to do with his ever-increasing success.  We’ve listed some of his most talked about relationships with some of the most influential women in Hollywood.  This is a snapshot, in part at least, of one of comedy’s brightest.

    Princess Margeret

    When you have enough of whatever Peter Sellers had to get a princess on your arm.  Well, you’ve pretty much arrived.  Some might consider that the pinnacle of success.  From 1966 to 1969, that’s exactly what Peter Sellers had achieved.  And let’s face it.  He had a string of movies under his belt.  He was funny and witty.  One can only imagine the crowd pleasing jokes that rolled over the tip of his tongue.  During that time, hopeful onlookers were expecting things to get serious, already hearing wedding bells for the young couple.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out.  After rumors of secret meetings, the chemistry eventually fizzled out.


    Britt Eckland

    Three years after their marriage, the Swedish actress, who was 25 years old at the time, shared the screen with Peter Sellers in the film, “The Bobo.”  The couple dated, briefly, and it wasn’t long before the smitten Peter Sellers was calling her Mrs. Britt Sellers, on paper of course.  Sellers was 39 when the couple tied the knot, and he was absolutely captivated by her, according to his own admission and that of his close friends.  Reportedly, were having trouble as a result of work-related complications, and Sellers was stressed over losing her.  After just four years, the couple called it quits.

    Miranda Querry

    Not long after Sellers ended his marriage to Britt Eckland he had swept the beautiful Miranda Querry, and against his better judgement he decided to give it another go.  The couple married in 1970.  She was a 23-year-old model and he was television superstar.  The marriage continued for four years, with events having already signaled the couple’s demise, and then ended in 1974.


    Sophie Loren

    Peter Sellers had quickly become infatuated by the lovely Italian actress with whom he co-starred in “The Millionairess.”  Reportedly, this was during the time his marriage to Miranda Querry was winding to an end.  Loren, after lighting up the movie screen, had apparently done a similar number on Sellars’ heart.  It’s not that heart to believe, unless you missed her stunning performance as EpifaniaPererga.    Although the two never married, he was open about his feelings for her and was said to have regretted not making her his wife.

    Anne Howe

    Peter Sellers’ relationship with Anne Howe was not as high profile as many of his others, but it is important to note the length of their union outlasted those he shared with the famous starlets he was known to have courted.  Not much is known, publicly, about her.  She was evidently a little known actress who managed to win Peter Sellers over.  The couple married in 1951 and stayed together for 12 years, ending the in 1963.  Sellers’ son described tensionin the home.  Sellers had become distraught after the death of his father, and he was unhappy with his career, at that point.