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  • Who is Peter Sellers?

    Although, many people have a general idea about who Peter Sellers is and what he has accomplished in film, his legacy may not always receive the respect it deserves.  I believe he brought to comedy what Babe Ruth brought to baseball.  He revolutionized his genre, bringing, to the stage, a style and method unlike much of what had been seen thus far.  When looking over his film credits, you have to keep in mind he performed a large number of his lines by improvisation, a fact that should made him as much a creator as an actor.  By carefully researching his career, you’ll find that he was he was every facet of the creator you would expect a man of his abilities to be.

    Peter Sellers dedicated his life, which may explain how he managed to accumulate so much work into the few years during which he was employed alongside Hollywood’s most elite actors.  He became one of the most unique comedians of our time because of his ability to improvise, if nothing else.  His acting career began in the early 50s with “The Goons,” which was an adaptation of a BBC radio program of the same name.  By that time, he had already become known for his impersonations, which had become a significate part of the broadcast.  When he starred in “The Pink Panther,” in 1963, he name was preceded by the string of movies from the 50s in which he had acted.


    As a self-professed enthusiast, I’ve made it my business to delve into the life of the comedic superstar.  Sellers is one of the more complex celebrities, almost a cliché of sorts, and his transparency, while in view of the public, gave him an almost fearless persona.  It is for these reasons, among others that studying his life is so fulfilling.  Watching his onscreen charisma and charm, whether in interviews or one of his comedy films seem to contrast many of the things that have been discovered and revealed about his life, which is typical for most actors, but it is so easy to connect with him, through the screen, that is easy to assign “a down to earth” demeanor.  You hope, if not expect, his comedic presence to be consistent throughout life.

    On the contrary, he was said to value his solitary moments from time to time.  This should be expected of anyone, famous or not, but not Peter Sellers, the legendary comedian.  Comedians are generally known for their candor, especially onstage and in front of the camera, but most people would expect there to be an “off” switch that flips on que.  Watching Sellers explain the origins of his acting career is as entertaining as any of his movies.  In fact, after hearing the story regaled, even for the second or third time, you may have a greater respect for his work.  The downside is, although is portfolio is extensive, uncovering the rarest of one-on-one requires a bit of diligence.

    Ultimately, this series of blogs is meant to inspire readers, especially those already familiar with his work, to seek out a greater understanding of the man behind some of the funniest and most entertaining movies of all time.